Innovation & The Ocean


What defines innovation? Seems so subjective, like art & what’s considered beautiful.  Innovation at AXIS MAGNA GROUP is birthed in the fields of our endeavors. We listen to what’s new, what’s next, but also what’s enduring, what’s most effective, what brings the best results, regardless of the industry.  The subject of innovation seems critical when the Earth’s resources are in jeopardy, especially our oceans & marine life.  Take this one aspect of Life and you can find offshoots which impact most denizens of this world.  To innovate on cleaning up the oceans, we are working on reviewing food sources, optimal diets, educating the public with pertinent information, attending conferences & events for our own on-going edification, studying the importance of emotional release work on developing strategic thinking in the minds of decision makers & concerned citizens.  Everyone has a relationship with the oceans of Earth.  The ocean inspires great works of art.  Enlightened Leadership is the key for the future of these seas & waters which breed such Life when properly respected.  Innovators like Dr. Emoto can teach us alot about the veritable spirituality of the Ocean.  We all need the Ocean.  Let’s clean it up now.

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