What is your Life Song?

Over the last few decades, a young woman began her quest for truth, peace, and love. She explored the worlds of arts & technology to reach a global audience, who might also experience something now being called, The Global Spiritual Awakening. Rather predictable, if you follow Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Self-Actualization: once our basic survival needs are met, humans tend toward expanding their full potential: body, mind, heart, & soul.

This is evident as you watch athletes, musical artists, films, scientists, poets, and even some industrialists. The world today is changing at an exponential pace and we are only too aware of its impact on our nervous systems. As balm for your soul, inspiration for your joy, and information for your edification, AXIS MAGNA GROUP exists so our world can truly become a global village will caring neighbors and innovative soulutions for our current events.

Bringing together the 8 Life Songs, in the 21st Century, we celebrate: Motivational Speaking, Relationship Goals, Enlightening Entertainment, Professional Development, Wellness & Well-Being, Lifetyle & Design, Non-Profits, and Entrepreneurial Start-Ups. We are here to inspire you, coach you, entertain you, soothe you, consult you, encourage you, educate you, and more.

Our 8 Subsidiaries will address the 8 Life Songs you will sing on your Journey through Life:

Axis Magna Group

Love in the 21st Century

Professional Development Programs

Wellness & Well-Being

Eco Luxury HQ

Reclaiming the Planet & Ourselves

Eco Projects for Green Investors


We hope you’ll bookmark this page and whenever you need support in your Life, come back and visit us. Choose the Life Song which you’re wanting to sing now.

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