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~ Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World

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AXIS MAGNA GROUP is a consortium of personal & professional development programs, enlightening entertainment titles, business consulting, executive coaching, wellness & well-being centers, design consulting, eco projects for green investors, and non-profits efforts in the areas of family & environmental sustainability. We focus on community building in many countries and regions, offering information to improve the quality of life in this age of technology. As we proceed with our projects, we are improving the quality of life for people in North, Central, & South America, as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, & Europe.

Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World:

What does Re-Humanizing mean today?

How shall we go about it as a society?

What are the most effective choices an individual can make toward this aim?

How is society changing as a result of technology, and what are the most pressing issues as a result?




Schedule an appointment to discuss your project or objective(s):

  • Socially & Environmentally Sustainable programs
  • Personal, Professional & Community Development programs
  • Eco Business, Holistic Wellness, Design Consulting, A&E
  • Eco Real Estate Development.


AXIS MAGNA GROUP has various divisions within each subsidiary, but they all serve the common goal of providing individual- & group-solutions for living & working in the 21st Century. Personal, Professional, Community & Organizational Development programs are for these people: Green Investors, Spa Directors, Mobile App Producers, Social Marketers, Enlightened Leaders, Conscious Consumers, Life Coaches, Patients, Wellness Center or Resort Owners, & Eco Villagers.

We at AXIS MAGNA GROUP have a commitment to excellence. Our projects includes helping men, women, families & businesses evolve with a changing world, changing economy, & changing values. Enduring values, we find, are the core competencies which are most effective in the long run.




AXIS MAGNA GROUP has 8 subsidiaries:

1 MAGNA ENTERPRISES – Keynote Speaker, Self-Help Library, Corporate Consulting

2 LOVE in the 21stC – Relationship Advice for Dating & Marriage for men & women

3 AXIS MAXIMUS GROUP – Enlightening Entertainment titles in the areas of music, film, & online TV

4 AXIS COMMAND GROUP – Leadership Development, Business Consulting; Entrepreneur Training

5 AXIS ORIGIN GROUP -Wellness Consulting & Well-Being Centers with Programs for Individuals & Groups

6 AXIS AVANTE GROUP – Design Consulting for Residential & Commercial Projects; Lifestyle Products

7 AXIS CARE GROUP – Community Services for Families; Environmental Sustainability

8 AXIS GLOBAL GROUP – Eco Projects for Green Investors; Real Estate & Retail


Teresa Ann Foxworthy



AXIS MAGNA GROUP was founded in 1996 by Teresa Ann Foxworthy as the result of her expanding executive coaching & business consulting efforts. Leading up to that year, Ms. Foxworthy had already spent a lifetime, blending the worlds of hi-tech, business, entertainment, and holistic lifestyles. She began her holistic healing career as a  yoga teacher for middle-aged house wives while still in high school. After college, she was hired as a software manger for a Silicon Valley start-up. As of today, she’s assisted with over a dozen start-ups. She has had a unique path, connecting the dots between the fields of hi-tech, health, and entertainment. Today, she has provided programs and services for clients at Fortune 100 companies in the USA, Europe, Australia, & Asia. She continues to run this conglomerate from the USA, dividing her time between coasts as projects require.


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