Yoga in Action

We’re almost ready to roll out our Yoga Life Now App, and seeing how veterans are benefitting from their yoga practice is very inspiring! We have known the benefits of yoga for decades. There’s a lot of good reasons that Yoga has been around for millennia! Yoga in Action ~ Yoga helping veterans. Support this very noble endeavor: Connected Warriors ~ #yoga #yogaapps#veterans #ptsd #connectedwarriors #meditation ~

Axis Magna Group


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AXIS MAGNA GROUP rests largely in the background of its 8 subsidiaries. The efforts are made daily by the managers of these powerful, visionary endeavors. Perhaps its fueled by a world in  need of support, families falling apart, homelessness, war, all the tragedies which we would rather not face. But in a world where soldiers return home from war, only to be scarred for life, we must endeavor to help them. In a world where people are not safe in their own neighborhoods, we must try to help them. And how? Through education & community development programs focusing on wellness & well-being. If you’d like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Together, we are making this world a better place.

USA Holistic Conglomerate

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Today’s topic: Evolution in the 21st Century

With 8 subsidiaries, we offer a range of consulting services & life adventures to leaders & groups who are taking their vision to the next level.  It is time to navigate the world of ‘Evolution in the 21st Century’.  AXIS MAGNA GROUP is a consortium of personal growth, business solutions, & community support programs for individuals, businesses, & communities.   You can have ‘coaching by phone’ sessions, hire a consultant, programmer, speaker, watch videos,  get rejuvenating treatments, listen to podcasts, or attend a retreat, workshop, soirees or other event.  We also encourage you to explore eco investing opportunities with us.  Enjoy your adventures & be sure to let us know how we may best serve you & your community.  “Deliberate Creation” is state-of-the-art.