Fee Schedule


AXIS MAGNA GROUP brings you & your family, community or organization a wealth of personal coaching & professional development  training programs for holistic health & sustainable success. Our menu of courses will delight you, especially given our range of formats to accommodate your location & timetables.

Below is our pricing for individuals, couples, families, community and organizational groups.




Therapeutic Sessions: 2hrs. each

Individual: $150/hr

Couples & Family: $200/hr

Group Coaching: $50 per person

DISCOUNTS: Military, Low Income, Students, Non-Profits = 33% off


Professional Training: 2- or 4hr Sessions

Executives: $175/hr

Small Groups (2-10 attendees): $225/hr

Medium Groups (11-20 attendees): $275/hr

Large Groups (21-50 attendees): $325/hr

Extra Large Groups attendees (51+): $375/hr



Military, Low Income, Students, Non-Profits = 25% OFF Listed Price