Therapeutic Services

AXIS MAGNA GROUP provides individual, family & group coaching services, facilitated by Teresa Ann Foxworthy. These coaching sessions combine logistical ACTION PLANS with BODY-MIND EXERCISES to move you to your next level of competency for your stated goals. Teresa’s professional demeanor is warm & insightful. She gently nudges you in the direction of personal empowerment & innovative collaboration. The combination of gentle & powerful techniques offers a balanced program for each person’s needs.

Choose from over 23 Modalities:

Angel Therapy – Intuitive Development

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Astrology Life Maps


Empowering Women – Coaching for Women

Evolving the Masculine – Coaching for Men

Energy Massage – Meridian or Polarity Work

Feng Shui Consultations (Your Home and/or Office)

Feng Shui Your Heart – Well-Being Coaching

Flower Essences Consultation


Kirtan – Singing Divine Phrases for Holistic Healing

Meditation – Chanting, Dance, Guided, Mantra, Mindfulness, Moving, Sitting, Walking

Reiki Chakra Balancing

Relationship Coaching

Shaman Therapy – Soul Retrieval

Somatic Balancing

Sound Healing – High-Frequencies, Toning, Vocalizing, etc.

Spiritual Counseling

Voice as a Path to Liberation

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Yoga Therapy – Learn Yoga for Holistic Health